Duterte curses Obama anew: Tarantado ka!

Duterte curses Obama anew: Tarantado ka!

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President Rodrigo Duterte has cursed former United States President Barack Obama once again for meddling in Philippine affairs when he was in the White House.

In a televised interview with Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Pastor Apollo Quiboloy in Davao City Saturday (June 8), Duterte said he has no respect for Obama.

“I do not have a problem with Trump, that much I respect him. Kay Obama, wala akong respeto. Eh tarantado eh,” he said.

Duterte made the remark as he expressed the Philippines’ readiness to cooperate with American laws with the imminent closure of the US immigration office in Manila.

“Do not ever think that the suspension of the processing for citizenship and special visas and all of these, there’s a deeper meaning to that,” he said.

Duterte said that while he considers all countries as friends, the Philippines’ relationship with the US only encountered a hitch because of Obama.

“You castigate a President of a country. I was the one. In a press conference, Obama said that, ‘You know, Mr. Duterte, you‟ll get in trouble with this ICC and we will prosecute you for…’,” he said.

In September 2016, Duterte infamously called Obama “son of a whore” as he warned the American leader not to raise the issue of human rights when they meet in Laos. His remark led to the cancellation of the meeting.

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