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Duterte demolished by comedian Hasan Mihnaj on Netflix

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American stand-up comedian Hasan Minhaj’s roasted President Rodrigo Duterte a day before the May 13 election day which the former “Daily Show” mainstay conceded will be a vote of approval for his brutal drug war and would show that voters were “co-signing” to the continued violence up to 2022.

In his Netflix show “Patriot Act” released on May 12, Minhaj joked about the inevitability of Duterte’s victory in the mid-term elections noting that seven of the 12 senatorial bets are on his side.

“What’s even more shocking, as the body count rises so does Duterte’s
popularity. According to a recent poll, Duterte’s approval rating is as high as 81 percent probably because he killed the other 19 percent,” said Mihnaj.

“Tomorrow’s mid-term election isn’t likely to change much, which is upsetting. I told you I feel a deep connection to Filipinos. I love transition lenses, bowl cuts and Jollibee, but this (Duterte making
slash throat action on video) is not the answer,” he added.

Mihnaj said there was “nothing normal” about Duterte.

“(He) doesn’t sound like a president, that someone looks like someone who stole your parking lot at Costco. You’d be like, ‘Hey man, you’re in my spot’. He’s like: ‘Fuck You’,” said Minhaj after playing clips of Duterte declaring he’d kill drug addicts like the holocaust Jews and shooting women in the vagina.

“Oh my God, he beheads drug dealers like a Looney Tunes ISIS videos? Why does it sound like Donald Duck joined the Islamic State?” he added.

Mihnaj trotted out figures to shock the audience on the brutality of

Duterte’s drug war: extrajudicial killings as high as 27,000 (“horrific”) and over a thousand civilians killed in the crossfire (“worst human rights crisis in almost 50 years).

Mihnaj also made fun of how Presidential Legal Adviser Salvadro Panelo made light of the innocent lives lost in the drug war.

“Critics say the war on drugs has mostly hit small time used and dealers, while the kingpins are still at large. But Duterte’s administration doesn’t sem to care about the human cost,” said Mihnaj.

In a video clip, Panelo dismissed the deaths as “collateral damages” to which Mihnaj quipped: “He’s like: ‘Hey, you can’t make an omelette without shooting a few eggs execution style. Comes with the territory. Mihnaj commented that despite the violence, Duterte’s drug war “hasn’t stopped the flow of drugs, in many neighborhoods, crytsal meth is getting cheaper and more accessible.”

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