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Duterte disses ICC’s Rome Statute: EU lang may gawa niyan!

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President Rodrigo Duterte has scoffed at the International Criminal Court (ICC), saying the tribunal is nothing more than a creation of the European Union.

In a speech before graduates of the Philippine Military Academy “Alab Tala” Class of 2018 Sunday (March 18), Duterte urged other countries to leave the ICC like the Philippines did.

“I will convince everybody now who are under the treaty now sa ICC, get out. Bastos yan. It is not a document that was prepared by anybody. It’s an EU-sponsored,” he said.

Duterte described the Rome Statute, which created the ICC as “all bull.”

Referring to the EU, he said: “They are doing it in the atonement for their sins. They esnt pardon for their many years of brutality that they inflicted.”

Duterte last week that the Philippines is withdrawing from the Rome Statute due to the “baseless” attacks allegedly aimed at him.

A formal notice of withdrawal has been sent to the office of the United Nations Secretary General.

Duterte maintained that the ICC has no jurisdiction over him because the Rome Statute wasn’t published in the Official Gazette after it was ratified in 2011.

“If it is not published , there is no law. So there is no reason to withdraw something which is not existing,” he said.