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Duterte doesn’t believe in heaven, hell: My God only knows 10 Commandments

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President Rodrigo Duterte made it clear Tuesday (July 10) that he doesn’t believe in heaven and hell.

In a speech at the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Summit in Pampanga, Duterte said the God he believes in did not create eternal places for good and bad people.

“Ang Diyos ko forgiving, ang Diyos ko hindi bastos. Ang Diyos ko hindi nagmumura. As a matter of fact, ang Diyos ko walang sinasabi except the 10 Commandments,” he said.

“And then when you use God to say that I’ll go to hell. You know my God never created hell. Because if He created hell, He must be stupid God. My God is not stupid to create man just to burn him to — in hell. Hindi ako naniniwala ng ganun eh. I do not believe in heaven,” he added.

Duterte said “only a fraction” of the audience will go to heaven if it were real because they all have shortcomings.

“Lahat man tayo sa impiyerno magkita but that is fiction,” he said.

Duterte earlier drew flak for calling God “stupid” and questioning the Christian doctrines on creation and original sin.