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Duterte doesn’t lie on serious matters, Palace says

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte never lies about “serious matters,” his spokesman said.

“I believe the President when he says there is. He is an authority. He is the chief executive of the land,” Spokesman Salvador Panelo said, referring to the matrix detailing the supposed ouster plot against Duterte.

“I don’t have to verify what the President told me because he is the President. The President does not lie about these things,” Panelo added.

Panelo thumbed down allegations that the matrix linking media organizations and journalists to the alleged oust-Duterte plot was merely a black propaganda.

“I don’t think so because it came from the President,” the chief presidential legal counsel said as he noted that Duterte has his own sources of information.

“The President, knowing him, is a man of intellect, a probing mind, a thinking President. He will not just release any information that he has not validated,” added Panelo.

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