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Duterte doesn’t want Davao out of family’s hands: Pumatay ako, gumastos ako ng panahon para diyan!


President Rodrigo Duterte appears to make another admission yet again that he killed in the name of peace and order.

In a speech before members of the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association Thursday (October 4), Duterte said he would not have run for president if his daughter, Sara, did not agree to replace him as mayor of Davao City.

“I will not run if Davao is left to somebody else. Sayang ang pagod ko sir eh. Sayang talaga. Pumatay ako, pinagastos ako ng panahon,” he said.

Duterte said he feels his efforts would go to waste if Davao City were to be run by another individual outside his family.

“I remember campaigning. I remember being hostage by the NPA. I remember I was tried in a kangaroo court. And all ang sakripisyo ko while I was going up, manghinayang ako,” he said.

In the same speech, Duterte said he would not have run for president given the chance to redo things.

“Kung pabalikin ako gusto ko na lang talaga mag — maybe for the last time — kasi I did not want to leave Davao,” he said.