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Duterte doesn’t give a damn if his ratings plunge to -10: Tapos na ang eleksyon!


If you think President Rodrigo Duterte is losing sleep over the public’s declining satisfaction over his performance in office, you’ve got another think again.

Duterte brushed off the results of a recent Social Weather Stations Survey which showed that his satisfaction rating slipped from “very good” or plus 66 in June 2017 to “good” or plus 48 in September 2017. Duterte’s numbers fell sharply in Luzon and Visayas and among the lower income groups.

“I’m trying my best, my very best. If my very best is not good enough for our people for all times, I’m sorry. I am already in office, I am elected, I have my mandate and I have my promises to keep,” said Duterte in a speech Friday.

“I am complying with my promise, you can see it with your naked eyes,” said Duterte citing his campaign promises to snuff out illegal drugs, corruption, criminality and the insurgency.

“Whether you like it or not, well, tapos na ‘yung eleksyon para sa akin. I do not go for any percentage acceptability. It’s you who has to accept my performance because I promised it to the people. I am willing to go minus 10, decrease it. I do not care. Tapos na ako. I do not have to be popular because I do not need it.” he said.

He said he’d only be worried if people would rate him lower because he failed in his campaign promises.

He said that if this was the election period, he would certainly be stressed and lose sleep over his falling ratings.

“Ngayon tapos na ‘yan. I do not care about how you rate me. That is not my job. My job is not to watch for these rates. My job is to implement what I promised. Ginagawa ko po ‘yang apat na ‘yan. Simultaneous,” he said.