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Duterte explains why he envies cops: They get all the beautiful girls in a cabaret!

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President Rodrigo Duterte says you can tell it’s a policeman’s funeral if there are plenty of beautiful women weeping aside from the wife.

“If I go to a wake, p****** i** itong mga police. I have never attended a wake with just one wife weeping. Anak ng p****** i** itong mga police. The fools. Oo. They always give me a headache,” said Duterte in a speech.

“The foolish sons of b******. They will surely look for a mistress…Two or three women would be crying. “Who is this?” ‘Sir, that’s the manicurist’.

‘How about this one?’ ‘That’s Anching, sir, the hostess’. ‘And this one?’ ‘Sir, she’s a masseuse’. And they are all beautiful. The devil,” he added.

Duterte said he hated going to nightclubs where policemen hang out. “I get irritated by those who drink inside the cabaret because they can get all the beautiful women.They look tough with their guns. If it’s not them, then there are the gangsters and the drug lords who have guns and money. It’s easy to look for a drug lord. I would just go inside…, he said.

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