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Duterte to fly via New Zealand for APEC Summit in Peru to avoid going to US


President Rodrigo Duterte has no plans of getting a United States visa even if it will make his travel to Peru for the upcoming Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit easier.

Duterte will most likely fly via New Zealand to reach Peru for the regional summit scheduled on Nov. 19 to 20. Politiko has learned.

Flying via New Zealand would enable Duterte to reach South America without getting a US visa and stepping foot on American soil.

Meanwhile, members of the Philippine media who would cover the President at the summit will take a connecting flight from Los Angeles, California to Peru.

Using the New Zealand route would mean a longer travel time for Duterte since the flights from both Manila to Auckland and Auckland to Lima, Peru’s capital, are 14 hours long each.

In contrast, flying to Peru via LA would only take around 22 hours– 12 hours and 40 minutes from Manila to LA, and 8 hours and 40 minutes from LA to Lima.

Duterte has said he has no plans of going to the US “in this lifetime” after he experienced discrimination twice.

As a college student, the President said he was denied a visa to girlfriend in the US, with the consul asking him during the application process of the possibility that he would marry his partner in America so he could stay there.

When he was congressman, Duterte recalled being stopped by a US immigration officer for interrogation at the LA International Airport because his travel authority was missing.

The President has also repeatedly slammed the US for supposedly meddling in his administration’s war against drugs and its refusal to acknowledge the atrocities it committed against Filipinos when the Philippines was still an American colony.

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