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Duterte gives holy tip to Israeli politicos: Invoke God’s name in campaign rallies


President Rodrigo Duterte has left Israel but not without leaving some piece of advice to Holy Land politicos.

Duterte has described his victory over more popular and more deep-pocketed rivals in the 2016 elections as a miracle and he believed politicos from other parts of the globe could benefit from his winning strategy – always give credit God to your impending victory.

“During the presidential debates, it was ran nationally. During the intermission, I was the only one who had no propaganda. I could not afford it. During our several meetings in a debate nationwide and during the intermissions, the propaganda of every candidate was there because they had the money,” said Duterte in a speech during his Israel state visit.

“I had none so I said, well, this is what I said to them, ‘If God wants me to be president of this republic, I will be the president of this republic’,” aid Duterte who got a hearty applause from the mostly Jewish crowd.

“Believe me. You guys, when you go for the premier or president, first do not forget to say in public, ‘If God wants me to president or prime minister of Israel, I will be’. That’s the only thing that I can say. But it was also the messaging. I had only five and this would apply to you actually,” he added.

Duterte declared he believed in God but this has not stopped from shredding and mocking the Catholic Church’s dogmas that he believed were forced fed into him by his parents.