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By Prince Golez

The government has funds to purchase vaccines for the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), President Rodrigo Duterte said Wednesday.

But, Duterte said that additional funds are required to provide Covid-19 vaccine to all Filipinos.

“I have the money already for the vaccine but hahanap pa ako ng maraming pera because, you now, there are now 130 million Filipinos, and to me, ideally, all should have the vaccine, without exception,” the Chief Executive said in a prerecorded speech delivered from Malacañang.

Duterte also reiterated his preference on vaccines developed by China and Russia.

“Para sa akin, it’s either China or Russia, ok na ako. Wala akong… sabi nila ang Pfizer, Moderna, yung Western, US, ok rin yan, kasi may proseso nga eh. They are using the same protocol in arriving at a certain finding sa COVID, using the same germ. So, wala na iba,” he added.

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