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Duterte has a twisted sense of right and wrong, Trillanes says

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Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has scored President Duterte for granting pardon to convicted killer US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton.

Trillanes said Duterte’s decision showed he has a “twisted sense” of right and wrong. He said while Duterte pardoned Pemberton, his government’s war on illegal drugs has left many drug suspects dead.

“Duterte didn’t only pardon Pemberton, he also put in a good word for him,” Trillanes tweeted on September 8.

“Juxtapose that with the thousands he killed for being “suspected” addicts and you’ll see a man with a twisted sense of what’s right and wrong. #JusticeForJenniferLaude,” he said.

On September 7, Duterte pardoned Pemberton after serving six years of his 10-year prison sentence for the killing of Jennifer Laude. Duterte said Pemberton was given unfair treatment after authorities were unable to properly compute his good conduct time allowance under the country’s law.

A local court earlier allowed Pemberton to walk free after his jail term was shortened due to good conduct. Both the Department of Justice and the family of Laude have opposed the early release and questioned the grant of good conduct time allowance.

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