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Duterte has no problem with illegal Chinese workers in PH: Maraming TNT din sa China

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President Rodrigo Duterte is looking the other way at reports that thousands of illegal Chinese workers have flooded the Philippines.

Special envoy to China Ramon Tulfo said has taken an open-mind approach to fears that illegal Chinese workers were robbing Filipinos of jobs at home because a crackdown could lead to a backlash on illegal Filipinos working in China.

“If you think that you are at a loss, you are at a disadvantage because there are so many Chinese nationals working here, remember we have the same equal amount of people of Filipinos who are there working in China,” he said.

“On the Chinese illegal workers in the country who are employed in the construction and gaming industries, Digong said the government takes a tolerant attitude,” said Tulfo who was among the few select guests in Duterte’s birthday treat to his partner, Honeylet Avancena, in Hong Kong last week.

“The President said there were many Filipino workers who are illegally employed in China, but the Chinese government tolerates their stay as long as they’re not committing any crime,” Tulfo added.

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