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Duterte ignores ‘local, bright-bright girls’ of media: Hanggang diyan lang sila!

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President Rodrigo Duterte claims he has followed advice of his father, former Davao governor Vicente Duterte, and close allies to ignore media criticisms.

Duterte said this was the reason why he has not filed any case against any journalist who has been critical of the way he runs government since his days as Davao City mayor.

“Ngayon kung magsulat ka lang diyan, kung ano-anong pinagsusulat ninyo all those years, I never filed a case even during the mayor, wala hindi ako nagdemanda. I just take it as — because that is what my father said,” said Duterte whose father died while he was still studying law in San Beda.

“It was succinctly uttered once by General (Delfin) Lorenzana when he was still active (military commander in Davao), ‘Dito sa gobyerno, pildi ang maglagot (the one who gets angry is the one who loses)’,” he added.

But his most unforgettable advice came from his predecessor, former Davao City mayor Elias Lopez, who told him to ignore journalists.

“He said, ‘I’ll give you one good advice and remember this until you die as a politician: Huwag kang magbasa ng mga locals, huwag kang makinig diyan sa ano. They are no better off. Malayo ‘yan sa iyo. Kaya ganon ‘yan sila kasi wala nang magawa sa buhay nila. Hanggang diyan lang ‘yan sila’,” he said.

“Ito kita mo, nakita mo kung anong nangyari diyan sa mga bright-bright girls. Eh nagkakaso. Akala nila they can violate the law in wild abandon. So sabi niya, ‘Hanggang diyan lang ‘yan’. Totoo nga,” he added.

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