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Duterte insists he isn’t anti-elite: Ayaw ko lang ‘yung harap-harapang lokohan!


President Rodrigo Duterte has denied that he is mad at the country’s elite, even if he has dealt a financial blow to some of them in the early days of his administration.

In a speech before members of the Philippine Military Academy’s Alumni Association Thursday (October 4), Duterte said he just doesn’t want the government robbed of its rightful earnings.

He said it in the context of bashing the Rufino-Prieto family for illegally controlling the Mile Long property in Makati City and evading taxes for the operations of their Dunkin’ Donuts franchise.

“Talagang galit ako sa mga mayaman na walang hiya. Then sabi niya ‘anti-elite’. Hindi ako anti-elite. Ayaw ko lang ‘yang lokohan na ganun harap-harapan,” Duterte said.

The President was exasperated as he recalled how the owners of the Philippine Daily Inquirer evaded paying billions of taxes under the Aquino administration, with whom they were perceived to be friendly.

“Tapos ‘yung doughnut nila walang bayad-bayad amounting two billions. In-assess ni Henares, eight million. Anak ka ng p***. Dito sa panahon ko, wala ‘yan,” he said, referring to former Internal Revenue chief Kim Henares.

Duterte went after the Rufino-Prietos for continuing to collect rent from the tenants of Mile Long property even though its lease contract with the government expired in 2002.

The family-owned Sunvar Realty Corp. agreed to return the property to the government last year after a protracted legal battle.