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Duterte insists PH has working justice system: Nakulong nga si Erap, GMA!


By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte has once again slammed the International Criminal Court (ICC) for supposedly interfering in his war on drugs, saying that it can never assume jurisdiction over the Philippines because the country’s justice system is working properly.

“I have my country. Estrada went to jail. They say it’s not working. Oh shut up. Arroyo went to jail. Aquino escaped jail but he was doing… Me? So be it. That is — the presidency is a gift from God. That is my gift to you. I will go to jail for the Filipinos,” said Duterte.

The chief executive made the remark during his speech at the Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration 2018 Model OFW Family of te Year Awards in Malacañang on Wednesday night.

Duterte said he does not recognize the ICC as the country did not have a part in the creation of the judicial body.

The Philippines, he added, does not have judges nor prosecutors in The Hague-based tribunal.

“How were they elected? Democratically? The chairman of that ICC commission is the brother of the King of Jordan. Is he elected by the people? Does he answer to anybody?” Duterte asked.

He went on to say, “And then just because we submitted an addendum there to the Rome, you now want me to be crucified before a strange looking idiots. I don’t even know the judges. There is no idea who they are, what they finished, what was their ed — what’s their education? And you want me to go there and answer. F*** you. I don’t recognize you. Why should I?”