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Duterte invites Pinoys to visit Davao City: Libre lahat pati pamasahe!

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President Rodrigo Duterte believes Davao City is a place every Filipino should visit so they can have a glimpse of what a progressive place looks like.

Duterte on Monday (June 12) offered to bring Filipinos, particularly the youth, to his hometown for free.

“Kung magpunta kayo, basta paalamin ninyo ako through the mayor or the local government– local government representatives dito. Sabihin mo, ‘sabihin mo kay Duterte pupunta ako. ‘Pag pumunta kayo, ako na ang bahala,” he said in his speech during the celebration of the 120th Independence Day in Kawit, Cavite.

“Ako na ang bahala. I will take care of you. Kung wala kang sasakyan, bigyan kita ng isang eroplano, punta ka rin doon,” Duterte said, drawing applause from the audience.

The President proudly touted how Davao became a progressive city under his leadership as mayor.

“Hindi naman ako nagyayabang. Not extraordinarily or exceedingly peaceful or… but ang growth rate namin hit 9.6 [percent], the highest so far,” he said.

Duterte added that anyone in Davao City can walk anytime without fear of being victimized by crime.

He advised the youth to take advantage of their age to visit his hometown.

“Kayong mga bata, you seem to be the adventurous type, kagaya ko. Better see the Philippines while you are still able to do it… Bumisita kayo ng Davao and baka mamulat– baka maintindihan mo ‘yung ginagawa ko minsan,” Duterte said.