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‘Duterte is amazing!’ Gina Lopez backs renaming the Philippines to Maharlika

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Former Environment Secretary Gina Lopez has agreed with President Duterte’s proposal to ditch the nation’s colonial past and rename the Philippines to Maharlika.

“The president is amazing..but why should we name our country after a king Of Spain – and there have been doubt a as to this particular persons integrity,” Lopez wrote on Facebook.

She said a name was “more than a name” as it gives the nation a “sense of identity.” She said Maharlika means a great nation.

“I loooooove the name Maharlika. Maha means great – Lika means People. It means we are a great people!!!! Our biggest challenge as a people is our colonial mentality,” she said..

“We tend to feel small, the foreigners and “white a” are better, imported is better etc etc…. changing our name would address our consciousness problem. Who are you I am Maharlikan – I come from a Great race. My contry is great, I come from a great people,” she said.

The president is amazing. A friend sent this to me this…

Posted by Gina Lopez on Monday, 11 February 2019

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