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Duterte laments how the rich control party-lists: Kumikita ng 30% kada proyekto!

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte has criticized the country’s party-list system, saying it is dominated by the rich and powerful.

Duterte made the statement during the oath-taking ceremony of newly elected local government officials of Cagayan de Oro City Wednesday.

“(This) partylist (system), that’s one evil. Everyone involved there are the rich. The rich people fund the partylists. They are named after laborers but the people behind it are the millionaires. So they stay in power there,” said the President.

Duterte also claimed that party-list representatives earn 30 perent of the funds intended for a project.

“Out of the 100 million fund intended for a project, you’ll give 30 percent to the… How much will be left? You have to give some to the mayor, the engineer, the barangay captain,” he said.

Under the law, 59 seats are allotted to the party-list in Congress.

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