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Duterte leaves Medialdea as caretaker in PH while he’s in South Korea


Executive Sec. Salvador Medialdea will be at the helm of Malacanang from June 3 to 5 once President Duterte goes to his three-day official visit to South Korea from June 3 to 5 next week.

Malacanang released on Friday (June 1) Special Order No. 511.

Under the order, President Duterte said executive secretary shall act as OIC to take care of the day to day operations in the Office of the President and to oversee the general administration of the executive department.

If necessary, Duterte designated Medialdea to “act for and on behalf of the President except on the matters that the President is required by the Constitution to act in person during the time that the President outside the Republic of the Philippines from June 3 to 5.”

Duterte also ordered departments, agencies, and instrumentalities of the government to assist the ES in the discharge of his functions.

All the acts of the ES for and on behalf of the President pursuant to the order shall be deemed as acts of the President unless disapproved or reprobated by the President. Duterte is leaving past midnight on Sunday (June 2) to Seoul.

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