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Duterte makes fun of Bello’s Ilocano ways: Matipid ang buang!

Most of the President Rodrigo Duterte’s are either his dorm mates or frat brods or boyhood friends.

So it’s no wonder the self-deprecating leader peppers his speeches with inside jokes and funny anecdotes about is Cabinet members and their younger days.

From Vit Aguirre’s hair to Perfecto Yasay’s American twang to Sal Panelo’s fashion disasters, Duterte has used them as punchline to get a laugh in his speeches.

In his Tarlac speech, Duterte picked on Labor Secretary Bebot Bello and his ultra spendthrift ways as an Ilocano.

Duterte made fun of how far Bello would go to save money, including multiple use for his toothbrush and always asking for toothpaste.

“Sa dormitory ganun ‘yan eh. Eh ako, kuha toothpaste, dala kong toothpaste [gargles]. Si Bebot naman bina-brush niya ‘yung sapatos niya sa basketball,” said Duterte.

“Eh matapos, eh ako matagal [laughter] siya doon sa sapatos. Ngayon nang matapos sabi niya, alam mo ang ginawa ng buang? Sabi niya, ‘Shhh. Pards, pahingi ng toothpaste ha’. [acts like brushing his teeth] [laughter] ‘Bilib ako sa Ilocano na ito’, sabi ko ‘Matipid ang buang’,” said Duterte to wild laughter and applause.

“Kaya kinuha kong Labor. Secretary of Justice man ‘yan noon but he’s a good guy. Anak ng judge ‘yan sa Isabela,” he added.

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