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Duterte makes fun of Roque’s hair piece…but praises him for being the best mouthpiece


Being an ally of President Rodrigo Duterte is like riding on a roller coaster – he brings you down to earth in one speech and praises you to high heavens in another.

During a speech in Israel, Duterte gave Roque a zinger when he introduced him to the audience: ” I have my Press Secretary Roque, Secretary Roque. Obviously you know that his hair is not true.”

Duterte finds toupees funny because he also used former Justice Secretary Vit Aguirre’s rug as a punch line.

Duterte more than made up for roasting Roque for his hairpiece in a speech the following day in Jordan where he praised his fellow abogado as the best spokesperson: “Ganun lang ‘yan ha pero mahusay ‘to ha. Abogado ‘to. He’s from UP (University of the Philippines) and he’s very articulate. ‘Yan ang pinaka magandang — ‘yung medyo smart aleck tapos may alam.”