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Duterte mismo babagsak! Rody’s dictatorship fated to collapse, Hontiveros says


By: Xave Gregorio

Senator Risa Hontiveros reminded President Rodrigo Duterte that dictatorships are “fated” to “collapse beneath the weight of its own contradictions,” as evidenced by the People Power uprisings which ousted two presidents.

Hontiveros said in a statement Saturday (February 24) that Duterte should abandon his “dictatorial ambitions” and return to democracy.

“President Duterte should read the writing on the wall and learn from our history. It’s not possible to have a sustainable dictatorship, not even his so-called ‘Dutertismo,’” Hontiveros said a day ahead of the 32nd anniversary of People Power I which toppled the regime of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

“That is the fate of all dictatorships. This is what Edsa taught us. Democracy always pushes back. No would-be dictator can outlast democracy,” Hontiveros said.

Duterte has recently admitted to being a dictator and said an authoritarian ruler is necessary for the Philippines to progress.

The President this week has also been tagged by the US Intelligence Community as one of the regional threats to democracy and human rights in Southeast Asia.

The Palace and Duterte’s allies, however, allayed fears that a dictatorship will return during the term of the President, who has lambasted and cursed critics of his bloody drug war, threatened to kick out University of the Philippines students who protested, and banned a journalist from covering in Maalcañang.

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