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Duterte mocks NPA: Mag-dalawa na apo ko sa tuhod, ‘di pa rin tapos rebelyon niyo!

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President Rodrigo Duterte says the National People’s Army revolutionary war is so futile, he will have a second great-grandchild coming while communist rebels have yet to take any territory from the Philippines after more than half a century.

“Truthfully,our war with the NPA has taken a toll of almost three generations. Fifty-three years. Those who were born then have children now, and their children are having children of their own. My grandson has a child now. And another grandson’s partner is pregnant. I don’t know if he married the girl though. But I now have a great grandson,” Duterte said in a speech in General Santos City.

Duterte had previously wanted to strike a peace agreement with his former professor, Communist Party of the Philippines founder Joma Sison. But he pulled out of the negotiating table after accusing the CPP-NPA of bad faith for continuing to kill soldiers and extort from the people during the negotiations.

“I just don’t understand you communists. You have been fighting for a long time, 53 years in the making. You haven’t even been able to successfully occupy a single barangay.You cannot even hang on to a municipality. You have never been able to. When the army and other government troops arrive, you run away scrambling. No rhyme, no reason really,” Duterte said.

Duterte planned to send some NPA rebels to Hong Kong to see how their communist ideology has become a thing of the past in their communist model.

“I want to send you to China. I’m sure most of you have been to China, Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the mirror of China. They are very rich. Are they communist? No more. It’s a controlled capitalist. That’s it. It’s a controlled economy, market-driven.There are no communist countries anymore. But Philippines is letting itself be deceived. What are you expecting from them?” said Duterte.

Duterte called the CPP-NPA “worse than holduppers” as they extort not only from the rich but also poor Filipinos. “There are people who like to extort money. It doesn’t have to be a foreigner. And they won’t be able to develop the land because all they do is extort from you. And if you refuse to give it to them, they will kill you. Anong klase na uy? You are worse than a holdupper to be honest,” said Duterte.

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