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Duterte mocks PMAers for blind loyalty to mistahs: Is that how low you can get? Is military that empty?


President Rodrigo Duterte is fed up with military officers being more loyal to their mistahs than the country just because they all went to the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

Duterte expressed his growing annoyance over what he called as “pernicious habit” of PMA graduates (soldiers who rise in mutiny just because they don’t like the sitting president) amid rumors of a coup d’etat against him following his decision to void the amnesty granted to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, the most revered coup leader next only to Senator Gringo Honasan.

“Always, all the time tatakutin ang Kabo pati ang… We have ang mga mistah ko. Is that how low you can get? Is the military that empty? Na takutin ka lang sa mga mistah niya kasi hindi ka na gusto ng mga sundalo,” said Duterte.

“This pernicious habit of…do not follow the instruction of the President. Well, pag ‘yan ang sabi nila kung gusto ninyo, inyo na. Bakit kayo magpatayan? Ang guwardiya ko classmate mo rin pala sa PMA,” he said.

“Eh kung ganun ang klaseng military, count me out… If that is the kind of culture ang mga military natin without offending anybody, I would be rather be not President. What would be the use of relying on the Armed Forces pati police na ganoon ang dimension sa buhay?” he said.

Duterte reiterated his offer to any military officers wanting to kick him out of office to just tell him about their coup d’etat over coffee and avoid “drama” and bloodshed.

“Eh ‘di ibigay mo sa military. Eh bakit ako takot-takutin? Ibigay mo. Kung gusto nila magsabi sila bukas, eh ‘di kayo. Bababa ako. Totoo lang. Bakit ako makipag-contest niyan payabangan?” he said.

“Eh bakit pa tayo magdrama-drama dito kung ganun ang sitwasyon? Me? Sinabi ko sa inyo, I’m old. I am ready to step down anytime. We’ll have coffee in Malacañan and say okay, you want me to swear you in? Is it a military junta or have you decided to select the son of a bitch. Gusto niyo ang leader na ‘yan? O sige,” he added.