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Duterte names 7 policemen linked to drugs


By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte has released a matrix of “notorious” high ranking police officers involved in illegal drug trade.

Included in the list were PSSupt. Eduardo Paderon Acierto, PSSupt. Leonardo Ramos Suan, PSSupt. Ismael Gonzales Fajardo Jr., PSSupt. Lorenzo Cusay Bacia, PInsp. Lito Torres Pirote, PInsp. Conrado Hernandez Caragdag, and SP04 Alejandro Gerardo Liwanag.

“This special report is an offshoot of what transpired during the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on September 11, 2018 wherein Jimmy Guban, Customs’ intelligence agent, was cited for contempt for perjury and actual involvemen in the P6.8-billion worth of smuggled shabu,” read the documents released to reporters on Wednesday.

“It is also a compendium of summary of information of the most notorious high-ranking law enforcement officials who are consistently involved in numerous illegal narcotics trade, which include among others,” it added.

The 15-page report said Acierto, who was sacked from his post for various anomalies, spent most his career in anti-narcotics operations and was known for allegedly recycling confiscated drugs.

His group also earned the reputation of fabricating stories and planting evidence particularly drugs.

Fajardo, like his mentor Acierto, was branded as a “recycler of drugs” and “fabricator of stories.”

“Instead of fully disclosing and surrendering the recovered drugs for purposes of inventory and disposal, he keeps some portions of it for personal use and/or for reselling. At times, Fajardo and his group use those drugs to plant evidence or make a ‘scenario’ for accomplishment,” the document stated.

Various “anomalous” activities and operations, namely the Valenzuela Case, Binondo Case, Celadon Residence Case, and Paranaque Case were linked to the former Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency deputy director general for administration. He was also characterized by lavish wealth.

Fajardo is being investigated for possible violations of Comprehensive Defense Act of 2002 and the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees “for not honoring the principle of living a modest life and upholding public interest over personal interest.”

Meanwhile, Guban’s name was associated with corruption and anomalies in the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

“Guba’s style is to try to impress his boss/superior by providing accomplishments. He would present himself as a team player, raiding warehouses full of fireworks and ukay-ukay. The truth is, Guban was already familiar with all the owners of the warehouses he was raiding as well as their managers, who were mostly Chinese. Those are the same owners whom he collects monthly ‘tara’ or grease money. The raids were his means of showing the owners that he has power and influence in the Intelligence Group of BOC so that they will continue to pay ‘tara’ to his group,” the report said.

It also revealed that his source of wealth is “dubious,” citing ownership of a Land Cruise following several operations and accomplishments and of a school within a matter of two years.

No information was provided for Suan, Bacia, Pirote, Caragdag, and Liwanag.