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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte has warned tourists against traveling to Zamboanga.

Speaking at 7th Union Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Pasay City Tuesday night, Duterte said Zamboanga should be avoided by all tourists citing continuing threats from militants.

“There is a certain place which I would not recommend to anybody to go there, not just as yet — is Zamboanga,” according to the President.

“Some Europeans go there for a bird-watching. And they are captured; and eventually they are decapitated even after the payment of ransom,” he said.

Duterte pointed out that the threat of terrorism comes from the Islamic State and the Abu Sayyaf Group.

“It’s the ISIS actually. It used to be the Abu Sayyaf — it’s a band of brigands but now it’s an Abu Sayyaf territory,” the Chief Executive said.

“They do nothing but to kill and destroy. It’s a very interp — an interpretation which is so corrupt and would like to mean it to be what is in their head. That’s a mass insanity,” he added.

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