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Duterte OKs law creating Davao airport authority

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte has signed a law that creates the Davao International Airport Authority (DIAA).

Republic Act 114571, signed last August 30, mandates the Authority to undertake the control, management and operation of the Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao City and other future airports in the Davao region.

The DIAA exercises the following functions:

1. Formulate a comprehensive and integrated development policy and program for the Francisco Bangoy International Airport and implement, review and update such policy and program periodically;

2. Control, supervise, construct, maintain, operate and provide such facilities or services as shall be necessary for the efficient functioning of the Airport compliant with International Civil Aviation Organization standards;

3. Promulgate rules and regulations governing the planning, development, maintenance, operation and improvement of the Airport, and control and supervise the construction of any structure or the rendition of any service within the Airport;

4. Exercise all the powers of a corporation under The Corporation Code of the Philippines;

5. Acquire, purchase, own, administer, lease, mortgage, sell or otherwise dispose of any land, building, airport facility, or property of whatever kind and nature, whether movable or immovable, or any interest therein;

6. Exercise the power of eminent domain in the pursuit of its purposes and objectives;

7. Levy and collect dues, charge fees or assessments for the use of airport premises, works, appliances, facilities or concessions, or for any service provided by the Authority;

8. Retain and appropriate dues, fees, and charges collected by the Authority relative to the use of airport premises for such measures as may be necessary to make the Authority more effective and efficient in the discharge of its assigned tasks;

9. Invest its idle funds, as it may deem proper, in government securities and other evidences of indebtedness; and

10. Provide services within the Airport and the approaches thereof may be necessary in connection with the maintenance and operation of the Airport and their respective facilities.

The new DIAA will be overseen by the Department of Transportation.

The law also exempts the Authority from realty taxes imposed by the local government or any of its political subdivisions, agencies and instrumentalities for the first 10 years of its operations.

The Authority may also raise funds, either from local or international sources, by way of loans, credit or securities, and other financing instruments subject to the approval of the President.

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