Duterte on 2016 run: Joke only
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Duterte on 2016 run: Joke only

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DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said that his “declaration” to run for president in 2016 which grabbed headlines a couple of weeks ago was just a joke.
The no-nonsense, sharp-tongued mayor made this clarification to reporters during a Federalism forum in Dagupan City, wherein he stressed that the job of Commander-in-chief is both unappealing and intimidating.
Earlier this month, Duterte–branded as “berdugo” (executioner) by some for his alleged links to extra-judicial killings–was quoted by media as saying he would vie for the presidency “in order to save this country”.
“I never said it in a very categorical way,” the Davao mayor told PNA. According to him, what he actually meant was that people can look toward Mindanao if there was no worthy presidential candidate from Manila.
” If you think I am the only one who can save this nation, look for me, if I am not there, look for me if you can,” Duterte said. ” Ibig sabihin ayaw ko (That means I don’t like it),” he pointed out.
He noted that the reporters who interviewed him at that time didn’t really know him and thus did not get his “joke”.
Duterte is currently touring the Philippines in a bid to gather support for his advocacy for Federalism. This does not have anything to do with the presidency, he said.
“Bakit magpaka-drama pa ako kung gusto kong tumakbo (Why would I make a drama if I want to run)?” he asked.
Switching from a Unitary to a Federal type of government is a good alternative if ever the Bangsamaro Basic Law (BBL) fails, Duterte said. (Randy K. Ortega)

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