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Duterte: PDEA ‘wrongly assumed’ Cavite magnetic lifters contained P11B shabu

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday said that it was wrong for the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) to assume that the four empty magnetic lifters discovered in Cavite in August could have contained P11 billion worth of shabu.

PDEA initially pegged the value of the missing shabu at P6.8 billion, but later on, estimated it to be at least P11 billion.

“Now you — the next time itong mga abogado sana you should tell them, ‘Bakit — alam mo ba puno?’ Kung puno. But they are assuming na puno. ‘Yun ang ano ng PDEA because assuming that that lifters there puno that’s why they pegged it at [P11 billion]. Hindi man — wala namang… ‘Yung nakita — I do not know it was lying down there with traces but they — they wrongly assumed na puno ‘yon,” Duterte said during the lecture on militarization and drugs in Malacanang Palace.

“Kaya from six million they increased the… That cannot stand in court. Sabihin mo how much? Why did you assume that is one what? The price of one — [P11] billion?” he asked.

The chief executive advised PDEA to “stop from speculating” as it would only fuel the suspicion of the public.

“It could be good to expose it. Of course I would insist on that. Pero iyong next time, you stop from speculating because you feed to the public a wrong information thereby at a certain point you…You know ang kumpiyansa sa tao magbaba when… Eh pinapatay na nga ang p****** i** eh. Eh ito you speculate na siniwab mo tapos meron, merong traces then you say ‘ito, ito ang halaga nito pero wala na’. Ang halaga nito is six billion o pero kung puno ito, [P11 billion],” said Duterte.

“Pero kung puno ito pagdating sa korte… Hindi sabihin ng judge: “Why are you assuming?” Ang drug kasi parang illegal possession of firearms eh. Either you have it in your possession or not. Because kung sabihin mo lang na mayroon ka, test mo, if you are tested for a drug test and positive — use yan eh, you’re a user,” he said.