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Duterte presses Trillanes on flawed amnesty: Where’s your affidavit?


President Rodrigo Duterte is convinced he stands on solid ground when he declared as void ab initio the amnesty granted to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV in 2011.

Duterte said Trillanes’ recent move seeking a temporary restraining order from the Supreme Court to stop Proclamation 572 showed that he failed to submit an affidavit declaring his guilt over the Oakwood mutiny and Manila Peninsula siege.

“Before you can give a pardon or amnesty, you have to know, you have to declare your guilt and place it in on a narrative so that alam namin, alam ko kung ibibigay ko ba amnesty o papaniwalaan ko, eh wala eh,” said Duterte.

“Yung sa application niya TRO sa Supreme Court nagbigay siya ng sample ng affidavit. Wala siyang ano. You have to swear and you have to place narratives saan ka, anong ginawa mo kung bakit kailangan kang patawarin? Kaya kung magsabi lang, “Ako si Trillanes, nanonood lang din ako sa kapwa ko sundalo, pero kami lahat sa isang grupo lang’,” he added.

For any abogado, Duterte said the lack of an affidavit proved that Trillanes failed to comply with the amnesty requirements.

“You think that you just play with the Constitution? Hindi ako. You must remember abogado ako. Hindi ko pipirmahan ‘yan kung alam ko na walang…’Yan, failure to comply. It must be in affidavit form and you narrate kung anong kasalanan mo,” he said.

Duterte said he has left it to the court to decide on his Proclamation, including who sould arrest Trillanes.

“Let the court decide on it. Whether he should go back to jail because that is where he came from. If the Supreme Court says that my proclamation is invalid, so let it fall. But the Supreme Court should tell what was wrong and what was not complied,” he added.