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Duterte promises to give Rolex to soldiers: Sigurado ‘yan!


President Rodrigo Duterte has leveled up his efforts to boost his popularity among soldiers.

After giving them a pay hike, better equipment, more hospital and school perks for their family, and a Glock handgun each, Duterte has promised to give the military Rolex watches.

“Each brigade will get, we have to give you P100,000 each para pang-blowout ninyo pag-uwi ninyo sa kampo.

And, of course, ’yung nakatanggap na ng ano, relo, hindi na iyan. Rolex na sunod,” said Duterte in a speech at Camp Datu Lipus Makapandong, 401st Infantry Brigade in Agusan del Sur.

“Be a valor at, oo, totoo. Di ako nagsusuot ng, pero pagka-valor kayong lahat, Rolex kayong lahat. Sigurado iyan,” he added.

Duterte’s all-out courtship of the military is one of the reason why people are skeptical that a coup d’etat against him would succeed.

Columnist Ramon Tulfo claimed Duterte was “the most loved commander-in-chief” among all Philippine presidents.

“Digong sleeps and dines with them in the field as in the case of the siege of Marawi. He condoles with the families of fallen soldiers and policemen. He visits wounded soldiers and policemen in the hospital. He is quick in promoting soldiers and policemen who showed exceptional bravery in combat. He has raised the salaries of policemen and soldiers to twice the old rates. He salutes military and police generals even if he is their commander-in-chief, a gesture very much appreciated by them,” he said in his Inquirer column.

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