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Duterte ‘regrets’ living for son Baste: Wala namang ginawa kundi mambabae!


Sebastian “Baste” Duterte continues to give his father, President Rodrigo Duterte, a headache because of his womanizing.

In a speech before members of the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association Thursday (October 4), Duterte vented out his frustration over his youngest son, who is a bachelor but has children with different women.

He recalled fighting to live when he was held at gunpoint at a place called Paradise Embac.

“Ang naisip ko lang was my wife who was pregnant with itong si Sebastian. Turned out to be wala man ring ginawa kung hindi magbabae,” Duterte said.

“Buti na lang sana nag-suicide na rin ako. Nakukunsume ako nito,” he added.

Out of Duterte’s three children with ex-wife Elizabeth Zimmerman, only Baste has not entered politics. His sister, Sara, is the mayor of Davao City while his older brother, Paolo, used to be the vice mayor.