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President Rodrigo Duterte’s long time partner, Honeylet Avanceña, may appear to be a sweet woman at first glance, but she turns into a feisty woman when she’s jealous.

Duterte revealed Thursday (May 23) that Avanceña once stabbed a woman she saw together with him.

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“Ito nahuli niya ‘yung isang kaibigan ko na babae, sinaksak. Buca — Bulakeña ‘to. P***** i**. Ito sabi ko bantay kayo kay mananaksak talaga ito,” he said of Avanceña at the thanksgiving party of Senator-elect Bong Go in Davao City.

To prove that he wasn’t telling a tall tale, Duterte told Avanceña off hand, “‘Wag ka lang magalit ha? Ginawa mo naman.”

Despite the President’s wandering eye, he said Avanceña has since calmed down in all their years together.

“I’m 74, maski sino man sa inyo you talk to her, wala na,” he said.

Duterte and Avanceña have one child, Kitty.

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