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Duterte reveals how Americans deceived Pinoys, exploited Mindanao’s resources: Inubos ang mahogany, dinala sa mansion nila!


President Rodrigo Duterte claimed that his parents and other Filipinos were deceived by Americans into migrating to Mindanao to exploit the island region’s vast natural resources in the post-war years.

“Alam mo pagdating namin doon we found out na ‘yung sloganeering ng mga Amerikano ay hindi pala totoo. They were the imperialists who came after the Spaniards and took over the country by subjugation. They wanted to exploit the riches of Mindanao but they could not find Moroworking for them.

“They offered homesteads, ‘yung mga cadastral lands noon. Sabi nila ‘go to Mindanao because it is the land of promise’. But actually kakaunti lang ‘yung naitabi nila para sa mga tao. At nagkaroon ang problema kagaya sa ibang lugar ng Davao. But it was not because of any — walang piyudalismo. They were just scrambling for the lands,” he added.

Duterte said most of those who were lured by the American promise were Ilocanos, Ilonggos and Cebuanos.

“Kaming pumunta doon found out that there were no available lands. At kung anuman nabili namin bili ‘yan sa — from one person to another. Wala ‘yung ibinigay talaga na lupa. And that contributed to what is now the war in Mindanao. Because they felt, ang Moro, were deprived of lands by the coming of the Christians in droves,” he said.

Aside from using migrant Filipino labor to convert vast lands into plantations, Duterte said the Americans also harvested precious timber in the region.

“GenSan was a logging area at ‘yung mga kahoy nating magaganda nandoon na sa Amerika, sa mga bahay nila. As a matter of fact, if you go to a mansion there, and they would always tell us ‘this is Philippine mahogany’. So medyo ubos-ubos na rin,” Duterte said.

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