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Duterte says Canada ‘almost castrated’ PH over helicopter deal: Ipukpok ko sa ulo nila yung kontrata!


President Rodrigo Duterte has slammed Canada for reviewing its $233-million deal for the supply of helicopters to the Philippines over concerns about where they will be used.

In a speech before local politikos in Cebu Monday (February 12), Duterte said he does not want to use the 16 Bell 412EPI helicopters on Filipinos but there are Southeast Asian terrorists who share the same Malay features.

“Ang problema, ang mga terorista, ang mga Indonesian, ang mga Malaysian, kamukha natin. How am I supposed now to really be — so discriminating in my… kung mag-dugdug,” he said.

Duterte said the use of helicopters could not possibly be limited to humanitarian trips.

“Sabi ko, bakit pa ako bibili ng helicopter kung ganun? Murag imo nang gi — [Bisaya ning y***?] — gikapon. (It’s almost as if you — [What’s the Bisaya term for this?] — castrated it.) Kinapon mo na(You castrated it). Eh ‘di sabi ko ‘Huwag na.,’” he said.

The President slammed Canada for meddling in how the helicopters would be used.

“Kaya ‘yung helicopter, itong Canada, gusto kong ipukpok sa ulo nila ‘yung kontrata,” he said.

Duterte has scrapped the purchase of the helicopters from Canada because of its concern that it will be used in anti-rebel operations.

Defense officials said they are looking at Russia, China, South Korea and Turkey as alternative sources for the aircraft.