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Duterte says corruption can’t be stopped under Cory Constitution: Maghanap kayo ng Marcos!

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President Rodrigo Duterte is blaming the limits on presidential powers under the 1987 Constitution for his frustrations on solving the country’s ills, specifically corruption.

Duterte has virtually given up all hope of slaying corruption unless he be given the vast dictatorial powers of his idol, President Ferdinand Marcos, under martial law.

“Kaya sabi ko nawalaan na ako ng gana. At totoo sabihin ko nagsisi ako kasi akala ko within the constitutional powers na ibinigay sa akin, kaya ko. But truth to tell, kung araw-araw na lang pati every table dito sa Pilipinas ganoon, hindi ko talaga mahabol,” said Duterte in a speech in Sangley Point Cavite.

“Kaya ko. Pero sa batas na ito, Constitution, even if you give me 20 years I cannot do it. Maghanap uli kayo ng Marcos. Or someday, somehow, somewhere that fellow will be elected in the generations to come,” he added.

Duterte was adamant that the Constitution crafted in 1987 under former President Cory Aquino would hamstrung any Chief Executive trying to deal with the country’s problems.

“Kung sabihin mo mag-improve tayo beyond the level that we find ourselves economically, politically, well I’m sorry, I’m telling you, hindi dadating ‘yan,” he said.

“Not even half what Hong Kong will be in 30 years. Sobra kasi ang… I don’t know but the constitution that… I’m not trying to criticize. It is as good as any. Mas mabuti pa kung wala — talaga ‘yung kay Cory,” he added.

He said corruption has become such a big problem, Duterte admitted being pushed to tears for the seemingly insurmountable problem.

“I have a duty that is a burden — sometimes more than I can carry. I can — I almost cry. Sabi ko na hindi ko kaya itong corruption kasi maski saang… If there’s a table, if there’s a single chair there, meron talaga ‘yan as the papers go back and forth, inward. That is why nawalan ako ng tiwala sa bureaucracy,” he said.

He said putting good men like Roy Ferrer to as acting president of Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) was not enough to weed out corruption. Ferrer and six board members of Philhealth were asked to turn in their resignations for failing to curb the billions of pesos due to fraudulent claims.

“I do not have the doubts like this — the intention of Dr. Roy Ferrer. He’s from Davao. I know him. He comes from an honest family. I think his father was also a doctor. But when he took up the job, I warned him that mabigat ito because the bureaucracy in addition to the — to the corruption everyday, talagang hihila ito nang hihila sa atin. Kaya ako almost desperado na,” he said.

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