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Duterte says drug war casualties no better than roadkill: Parang mga sinagasaang aso lang!

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President Rodrigo Duterte has no remorse for the thousands of casualties in his drug war.

“The human rights guys were looking at a dead carcass. For me it’s like a dead dog that was run over by a vehicle. These — nothing — I don’t have the compassion. Don’t feel sorry for those fools,” said Duterte in a speech.

“Look at the people they have raped, they have killed the children, they have beheaded the wives. The stupid whites didn’t count them. These Americans and these cowards, they didn’t count the victims. They only counted the lives of the criminals who were killed. What is that? And you’re trying to scare me with that? Son of a b****,” he added.

Duterte said those who voted for him knew that he would take extreme measures to end illegal drugs just like he did for two decades as Davao City mayor. He said human rights groups should not blame him because he had warned those involved in illegal drugs to stop or they would be killed.

“Eh p***** i** sinabi ko nang ‘wag eh, tapos sige ka’g — ngayon ako pa ‘yung kontrabida. Buang,” he said.

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