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Duterte says he doesn’t ‘touch’ his pretty aides: That’s crazy, I have plenty of beautiful girlfriends

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Manigas kayo!

This was the message of President Rodrigo Duterte to people envious of his pretty aides in Malacanang.

Duterte proudly introduced former beauty queen turned cop Sofia Deliu, who replaced former Special Assistant to the President Bong Go, and her protocol officer, Jasmin Egan, in a speech in Bukidnon. “That’s my aide (Deliu). Stand up so that they can see you. Oh that’s her. She’s the one who conveys the messages. Isn’t she beautiful?” said Duterte.

“There’s another one here who’s also beautiful. My protocol officer. She’s the one who points to me where I’m going to sit and she will also be the one who will catch me if I fall from my car. Jasmin Egan,” he added.

But Duterte insists he doesn’t shit in his backyard by getting involved with his employees no matter how beautiful they were.

” I have two beautiful women here. Some will be salivating in envy. Manigas kayo. But no. These are my employees. I don’t touch my employees. That’s crazy. I have plenty of beautiful girlfriends,” he said.

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