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Madami dami! Duterte says he’s firing more Customs personnel

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte warns of more dismissals of erring government officials from the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

Duterte issued the statement during his speech at the inauguration of Chen Yi Agventures Rice Processing Center in Leyte Friday evening.

“Sinabi ko lang ‘pag nanalo ako, I will deal with corruption. I’m dealing it until now. I just fired the president of the GSIS yesterday. I will go for the Customs again. There will be a lot of dismissals I hope. And I try to really stop the corruption in the higher crust of government,” said the President.

In October 2018, Duterte ordered the Armed Forces of the Philippines to temporarily take over operations at the BOC amid efforts to stop corruption and smuggling activities.

“They will be replaced, all of them, by military men. It will be a takeover of the armed forces in the matter of operating in the meantime, while we are sorting out how to effectively meet the challenges of corruption in this country,” the Chief Executive was quoted as saying.

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