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Duterte says he’s not religious but he’s friends with God: I’m rude but you voted for me, so live with it

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President Rodrigo Duterte address his critics anew who apparently couldn’t stand his boorish behavior more than three years into his term.

“I’m not a religious kind of person, but I am friends with God. You know, they say that I have a bad mouth, that I am rude, that I am quarreling with the priests. It’s not that. I was just angry,” said Duterte in a speech.

“Now if you corner me on the street, p**** i** I will really curse you. You do not do that to me. I am rude and I have a bad mouth,” he added.

Duterte reiterated that the public knew who he was when he ran in 2016 and that the results showed that a lot of Filipinos liked him – 16,601,997 total votes or 6.6 million more than his closest rival.

“I had a bad mouth when I was still mayor. So when I became President, I had a bad mouth too. I am rude. And that’s none of your business. You voted me. So that’s it,” he said.

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