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President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that his partner, Honeylet Avancena, is way past getting insecure over his philandering ways.

In a speech in General Santos City, Duterte casually revealed that he would visit one of his girlfriends in another city after the event. “My girlfriend is from Digos. I’ll drop by Digos later,” said Duterte.

Duterte said he was free to talk about using Viagra and his sex life because he claimed Avancena does not get jealous or insecure.

“Things are over between us. We are past the stage of… If nangaliwa yung asawa mo sa’yo, hala sige kaliwa. Kaliwa — kaliwa’t kanan, sige mangaliwa ka nang mangaliwa. Wala na ‘yan” said Duterte.

Duterte has a teenage daughter, Kitty, with Avancena. He has three children with ex-wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman – Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, Vice Mayor-elect Baste, and Congressman-elect Pulong.

Duterte’s marriage to Zimmerman was annulled in 2000 and they remain friends with each other.

“My wife is a German but I left her. I couldn’t take it anymore. Or maybe she was the one who left me. Which one of the two is correct? Maybe the one who left was the one who went down the stairs first,” said Duterte.

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