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Duterte says ma taught him to study the Bible

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte said he learned to read the Bible from his late mother, Soledad.

“Ako po’y natuto magbasa ng Bible. And it was my mother who was a teacher and she was a native at that. Iyong laking Mindanao lang, Mestiza-Maranao. But she guided me, she converted into being a Christian. Basa-basa ng Bible,” said Duterte on Thursday evening.

In a speech at the Taguig City Elderly Program, the President quoted passages from Ecclesiastes 3 about an opportune time to do things.

“There is a time for happiness, there is a time for sorrow. As there is… for plenty, and there is a time for want. And there is a time for joy and a time to ponder and a time to be healthy — aabot ka niyan walang sakit for a longest, then as you grow old, a time to be sickly.

“There is a time for everything in this world. A time to be young and a time to be old. And a time to be grateful and a time to be just…” he said.

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