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Duterte says Mocha Girls can get any position except Cabinet Secretary: Tutal, ako naman may-ari ng Malacanang ngayon


President Rodrigo Duterte is firm in his offer to give sexy dance and novelty singing group Mocha Girls a permanent gig in his administration just like their lead singer, Duterte Diehard Supporter (DDS) Empress Mocha Uson.

“Not all (will be appointed). But kung gusto nilang magtrabaho, patrabaho ko. There is nothing wrong working for government. I absolutely I see none,” said Duterte in a press conference at the Hong Kong airport Saturday.

“Hindi naman pwedeng maging ano, secretary. But that is a job that is appropriate to their qualification. Walang problema tingin ko sa isang Pilipino na mag-hanapbuhay,” said Duterte.

The members of the Mocha Girls are Franz Fainsan, Georgina Knight, Seika Hashizume, Shaina Salazar and Jade Dela Peña.

Last week, Duterte appointed Uson as assistant secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO). Duterte appointed Uson as a board member of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).

In a video posted by Uson on her blog, the President defended his decision to appoint the former soft porn model.

“Inggit lang iyan. Inggit iyan sila na ikaw dumating doon. Sabi ko, ‘Ako, I decided to employ her.’ Sana sinabi ko, ‘May utang na loob ako? What’s wrong in paying?’ Tutal ako naman ang may-ari ng Malacañang ngayon,” said Duterte.

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