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Duterte says politics run by people with money: Ako lang nanalo na walang pera!


President Rodrigo Duterte claims his victory in the 2016 polls was a “miracle” considering that he did not take any money from the rich people who control the country’s political landscape.

Now let us talk about your problem. Ako open ako. I’m a PDP. But PDP, let us admit, it was a moribund organization. It was not until after I became a President na maraming PDP. But PDP is very fragile.

“You know, in the country today, it is run by money and people na may pera. So Danding (Cojuangco) has his Nationalist Coalition. NUCP, alam mo na, shipping… Tapos Ramon Ang… In the crucial moments, kung sino ‘yung sabihin nila na ‘yun ang boto nila, ke tao, issue, doon ‘yan. Ramon Ang will also spend. Give here, give there. Lahat ‘yan sila,” said Duterte in a speech in Cebu City.

Duterte said political parties were meaningless in the country because these were all backed by bilyonaryos. But he claimed his party, Partido Demokraitkong Pilipino- Laks ng Bayan, was an exception as it was brimming with principles but sorely lacking in finances.

“There’s no such thing really as a party. Even if how you try hard, it’s simply is not the vogue or the fashion that you run without money and win. It happened only during times of miracle. Isa diyan, ako,” said Duterte.

“PDP is good, it appeals to many, including me. Why? I would dare say that it is a principled party. Ang problema sa PDP, walang pera. At pagdating ng election, everybody troops to Danding, ‘yung mga tao niya dito, sila Douglas ,” he added.

Duterte said this was the reason he could crack down on oligarchs because he did not get a centavo from them.

“I’m beyond — wala man akong kapartido talaga. PDP but I never — not a sing[le] — maski isang piso wala. But hindi rin ako tumanggap. Kaya ko kayang habulin ‘yang mga ‘yan kung tinanggap ko ‘yung pera nila? You think that I can really bull shit them,” said Duterte.

Duterte claimed bilyonaryos Lucio Tan and Andrew Tan offered to chip in to his camaign up to the last minute but he rejected their offers.