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Duterte says state of health ain’t for ‘public consumption’: Cabinet lang pwedeng makaalam!


President Rodrigo Duterte believes the public should not know the true state of his health even though the Constitution requires him to disclose it in case of a serious illness.

Facing members of the Malacañang Press Corps (MPC) on October 9, Duterte said his health was “not for public consumption.”

“Actually, it is not for public consumption. The Constitution says that you must let the people know. But the procedure is not go direct to the people,” he said when asked whether he would inform the public about his health in case he is gravely ill.

“The Cabinet should be the one to decide if you are fully incapacitated to discharge the functions of your office,” he added.

Duterte’s health has been the subject of speculation because of his darker complexion and recent medical tests.

Last month, the President said he had endoscopy and colonoscopy done but didn’t reveal the results.

On October 4, he said doctors got “samples” from him on the day he was absent at a Palace gathering.

Duterte denied he had cancer and that he flew to Hong Kong unannounced on October 6 for a medical consultation.

“The joke is on you. Bakit ako magpa-check-up-check-up doon? Namili ako ng damit kay wala na akong damit,” he told a reporter at the MPC event.