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Duterte says success hasn’t spoiled him: I’m a brilliant star today, but I know I’ll go down someday


President Rodrigo Duterte said that his feet have remained firmly planted on the ground despite being at the peak of his political career.

While Duterte has never tasted defeat in his more than three decades as a politiko and his public rating is sky-high, he doesn’t get too high on himself because he knows nothing lasts forever.

“There is always a time for everything under the sun. You know, I might be the brilliant star today. I shine so brightly that it’s almost blinding or — and the light that goes with it but there’s always a time to go down. I am very conscious of that,” said Duterte in a Bohol speech.

“It has been my guiding ano there’s always a time for everything. So that every election I always say to God, ‘If you still want me to be there, fine. If not, I’ll understand’. Wala na ako. Lalo na ngayon,” he added.

Duterte said he does not fear death like he used to because he knew that he was on his final stretch.

“I’m no longer scared of riding a helicopter at night, go to the mountains, go to Jolo, and others. I’m almost, not really a death wish, I’m telling you the day I cease to be productive I’d rather go,” he said.

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