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Duterte says UN useless in helping Pinoy sailors from Somali pirates: Padala ko Navy natin, tabla-tabla na lang!

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President Rodrigo Duterte is frustrated by the United Nations failure to protect Filipino crewmen in international ships passing through the Gulf of Aden from Somali pirates.

“You know this shallow Strait of Aden near Angola, there’s a narrow strait where you pass before you can reach the Middle East countries, dadaan ka diyan. And it is not the first, the second or the third but yung mga (those) Filipino sailors, whenever they are hijacked in the high seas,” Duterte said.

“Ang kinukuha nila mga Filipino. We have about six now, seven. Kung hindi Hapon, Pilipino, Indonesians (. They are the favorites in the menu of the pirates,” he added.

Earlier this month, the Department of Foreign Affairs reported that nine Filipino crew members of a Norwegian cargo ship were abducted by suspected pirates off the coast of Benin in West Africa on November 2.A week after, the DFA confirmed that two more Filipino sailors were snatched by pirates in Togo, bringing the total number of abducted Filipinos in African state to 11.

In 2017, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution, renewing its call upon all states and coastal states that are victims of piracy and armed robbery to “cooperate in determining jurisdiction and in the investigation and prosecution of all persons responsible for acts of piracy and armed robbery off the coast of Somalia.”

“Naisip-isip ko, kind of telling the United Nations, napaka-inutile naman ninyo diyan . I mean it has been an inutile body actually. But United Nations has failed establish order in this planet and that is why everybody is just you know, to each his own,” Duterte said.

“Wala naman. It has not established order. It has not prevented wars. It does not take any punitive strong action against the pirates,” he added.

Duterte was thinking to have Philippine Navy ships deployed to dangerous seas and provide security to Filipino crewmen against Somali irates.

“One time, hinamon ko ang Seoul sa South Korea kasi na-kidnap sabay sa mga Pilipino. Sabi ko, kung pumayag ka, I will send my Navy ships there at patrol the areas. And whenever you see the idiots there, fire your cannons and blast them to kingdom come. Do not give them a chance to live and to kidnap again,” said Duterte.

“Napipikon na kasi ako. ‘Yung DSWD (Social Welfare Secretary Rolando Bautista) army man ‘yan…he will coordinate with the Navy and I will send the Navy there. And ‘pag nakita nila ‘yung mga p***** i**, patayin na lang nila. Tabla-tabla na lang,” he added.

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