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Duterte scoffs at hypocrisy of bilyonaryos and their charitable foundations: Pang-show off lang!

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President Rodrigo Duterte is no fan of philanthropic gestures of bilyonaryo saying these are image builders meant to cover up their greed.

“Ang pinakamayaman pa, may mga foundation for the poor, kung ano-ano. Eh ilan lang mang estudyante binibigyan nila…Ang scholars naman nila, eh anak ng mga mayaman. Libre doon sa America ang pag-aral. Sus. ‘Di ko kaya ‘to,” said Dutrte in a speech.

“Just a show-off. Just to maybe convey to the Filipino nation na, ‘No we are rich but we have a corporate conscience. You know we have this Ayala Foundation sending scholars’,” Duterte added.

He believes that the biggest acts of corruption were done by the country’s richest people whom he called oligarchs and that it was his advocacy to bring them down during his term. “Huwag ninyo itong bitawan,” Duterte urged the public.

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