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Duterte shoots down budget for lethal injection: He wants to see them bodies squirm in hanging


President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has rejected a proposal by Camarines Sur. Rep. Rolando Andaya Jr. to allocate funds for the construction of lethal injection rooms to carry out his plan to revive the death penalty.

Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez said that Duterte told his allies in a Cabinet meeting in Davao City on 8 June 2016 that Duterte was adamant that the public executions b made through the gallows.

“We can put it (funding for lethal injection rooms) in the appropriations, that we are setting aside the implementing features.
In a report by Philippine Star, Suarez said: “It seems that he (Duterte) does not like it (lethal injection). He wants to do it by hanging.”

“He (Duterte) said the lethal injection is not frightening enough because you will just let the convict sleep. With hanging, you can see the convict wiggling,” Suarez added.

Andaya, the incoming chair of the House Committee on appropriations, proposed that the remaining 2016 budget should be realigned to build the lethal injection rooms.

Suarez s‎aid Duterte has raised the issue of reimposing the death penalty, which was abolished in the Arroyo administration, as one of his biggest legislative concerns.

Duterte has secured a supermajority in both the House

Suarez said that he preferred death by firing squad because it was more graphic and more horrifyingm“If I would be asked, I’d rather go for firing squad. It’s more dramatic. Imagine facing the musketry while blindfolded. It can be a serious deterrent to criminality,” he said.

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